Local Dishes

Local Dishes

One of the undeniable cultural qualities of any given place is its cuisine. Kos Island is home to a rich gastronomic tradition following Greek and Mediterranean routes. Despite its statues as a cosmopolitan destination, Kos Island has managed to preserve a distinct and true to its beginnings gastronomic identity. Many of the local treats are prepared in connection with religious celebrations, while the islands fertile soil and promising climate have given birth to many peculiar products and unique varieties of wine.

A trademark of the island the posa cheese or wine-cheese is prepared by allowing local goat cheese to mature submerged in red wine, granting it its famous capricious flavor.

Pligouri is notable local specialty made of lightly ground wheat, usually found accompanying pork.

The pitaridia a handmade cousin of the lasagna, boiled in the broth juice, traditionally served in weddings and festivities. During the celebration of St Barbara the local housewives prepare the dessert known as Barbara composed of boiled wheat with tahini, sugar, almonds, nuts, raisins, pomegranate, cinnamon, rose water, orange skin and spices. The lampropites mark the coming of Easter. Those are cheese pies shaped like deep bowls filled with fresh unsalted mizithra cheese mashed with fresh eggs and yeast. The katimeria are fried cheese pies served with syrup and the marmarites are the traditional pancakes baked on marble (marmaro) hence the name, served with sugar or honey, or dipped in egged and refried. The afrena or eftazima are fermented breads whose yeast is made from the foam of boiled chickpeas and laurel leaves. The Lazari or lazarakia is a type of white wheat bread prepared on the Sunday of Lazaros. The traditional beverage Kanelada is made of cinnamon and the Alefaskia a tea like herb found on the island. Also noted for their taste are the local wines and the thyme honey.

All these treats are only a sample of what one may expect of the island’s cuisine. Many restaurants taverns and traditional coffee shops can be found throughout the island ready to satisfy even the most demanding of pallets. Do not miss the chance to explore local flavors in local specialty and delly stores, giving your friends a taste of the island and granting yourselves all the more reason to remember your stay.